Ex genimine vitis

Sacrafamilia Grandama Arte della Luce is a company that was selected by the Catholic Church to produce the Sacramental Wine for the Holy Mass “Ex Genimine Vitis”, authorized by a Decree from the Bishop of Tortona Monsignor Martino Canessa on September 17, 2014 with subsequent renewals:

“Vinum debet esse naturale de genimine vitis et non corruptum.” (Book IV Can. 924 Art. 3 Code of Canon Law) “The wine must be natural from the fruit of the vine and not spoiled.”

“…debet esse naturale, de genimine vitis, merum et non corruptum, extraneis substantiis non admixtum” (INSTRUCTION Redemptionis Sacramentum, Art. 50)
“…must be natural, from the fruit of the grape, pure and incorrupt, not mixed with other substances.”

This idea of purity inspired Anna Mercandelli and Domenico Capeto’s work in the vineyard and in the winery.

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