Sacrafamilia Grandama Arte della Luce is partnered with Shumei Japan, a Japanese non-profit organization that has a seat at the United Nations, to safeguard the health of man and to heal the earth.
The strong tie that unites them in partnership resides in sharing the same ideals: Spirituality, the love of Art and Beauty, and Natural Agriculture.

Natural Agriculture developed in Japan in the first decades of the 20th century thanks to Mokichi Okada, who aimed to foster a renewed understanding of the harmony that exists among the earth’s natural elements.

The Spiritual Wine is food that nourishes not only the body, but the soul as well; it is a taste of a “small piece of Paradise” which is meant to be shared.

Its essential elements are gratitude and respect towards nature and cultivations.
Natural agriculture goes beyond food production: it is a rediscovery of the sacred and vital relationship between man and the environment..

Sacrafamilia Grandama Arte della Luce produces the “Art of Light” wines displayed in Japan at the Miho Museum, designed by the architect I.M. Pei.

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